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Feasibility study

MPEC provides preliminary technical study to the development of a new process or product within its fields of competence.


Design and Conception

Technicians skilled in 3D design of various disciplines to provide stakeholders clean documentation designed with best practices of our profession and according to international standards.


Detail engineering

Producing all technical documentation required for the project.

etude de faisabilité


Before starting work on fabrication and construction, MPEC takes over the preparation and definition of industrialization elements / implementation from studies records.



At MPEC, aware of the role of suppliers in the development of our business as well as at the quality of our services, we place great importance to the relationship we undertake with them.



MPEC collaborates with its subsidiary COMIPRO suited to our business sector to ensure the quality expected by customers.



MPEC and its subsidiary COMIPRO, guarantees excellence in construction and construction management by enhancing both of quality and value in its construction projects.



Implementation of a documented procedure to identify operational dysfunctions before start up.

mise en service

Start up

Implementation of a documented procedure including settings and adjustments mandatory to start up production in the industrial plant.



Performance of your business depends on your human capital, for this reason MPEC offers its training services in several disciplines and adapted to your needs.


Technical Assistance

Proposing solutions to specific technical issues at both states of engineering and construction & assembly

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